A question we are asked frequently is "Is all water the same?". The answer no, not all water is the same. Many people believe that distilled water is bad for you because it doesn't have any minerals or because it leaches minerals away from your body. But what people don't  know is that there are two types or minerals, organic ones and inorganic ones. Organic minerals are found in your fruits and vegetables while inorganic minerals are found in the ground(rocks and dirt). Organic minerals are the minerals that your body needs and that your body will absorb while inorganic minerals will most likely be flushed out through urine. Distilled water actually does leach out minerals away from your body, inorganic minerals. That's why many athletes will use distilled water to cleanse their bodies before competition. 

So what water is best for you?!

Distilled Water is pure H20!! It has no taste and flows smoothly down your mouth and throat because of its purity. 

Don't  have your daily dose of fruits and vegetables?! Not to worry, we carry a brand of water called Planet Pure from Cristill Rock in Cornwall. Planet Pure is Distilled Water that is remineralized with 72 plant based minerals.   

Have your daily dose if vegetables but don't like the taste of Distilled Water?! We've got you covered with Naturo Spring Water.